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Web Design

We are proficient of creating magnificent & flawless website from scratch to a full furnished product. So if you are thinking a world class website design & functional website development then Sweet Online your destination.

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We provide Point to Point and Point to Multi Point Data connectivity. It is possible to provide data connectivity as per your required volume. Secure your business from out side attack using Internet.

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From dialup to high-speed broadband connection, we provide the most modern facilities to give them the satisfaction of unlimited browsing..

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Sweet Online provide very stable connectivity within secure network. Our connection is reliable and super fast on a dedicated network. Our all connection is scalable up to 1Gbps connectivity.

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Sweet Online (ISP) is priced to keep the monthly cost low. Offering real value for money, plans are fixed and do not change unless you want a higher subscription plan as your reqerment.


Network installation

For new developments within our own Network with more than 100 apartments,FTTH broadband access is mandatory and can be expensive. Whether it’s a new building or older apartment complex and regardless of size, Sweet Online (ISP) will install the necessary equipment needed to access the service at zero cost – we bill tenants accessing the service under our fixed priced plans.


Rocket Speed

Our internet solutions are low-latency Offer speeds many times faster than that of conventional Bangladesh’s broadband plans; with plans for individual subscribers available up to 50 Mbps. We’re so fast; Sweet Online (ISP)’s service is verified to streaming bandwidth intensive 4K (UHD, Ultra-HD) videos. Not only does Sweet Online (ISP) ensure you get the speed you pay for, but it stays reliably fast – even during peak times..

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